Scholarship Information & Application Process


Off The Bench Basketball is always looking to work with the players that are most determined to take their training to the next level.


We are truly excited to announce our very first scholarship and are inviting those that are interested to apply for this opportunity!


What’s On Offer - 3 Prizes Total!!!


We are offering a full scholarship to one individual for Term 3, 2021. This scholarship will include the following for the successful recipient which is an estimated total value of up to $900 or more!

  1. A detailed, ongoing training & development plan, with daily mentorship and accountability

  2. Free tuition to the most suitable 8 week term-based program (or weekly program for seniors)

  3. Free weekly small group and/or individual training session with one of our coaches

  4. Free school holiday program admission (June/July holidays)

  5. Free game film review (where available via mobile/tablet recording or Glory League recording)

  6. Free highlight / player reel for personal promotional use (if desired)



We are also giving out a 2nd & 3rd prize being a 50% discount for any and all of our services in Term 3! This means that these prize winners can book as many sessions (private, small group etc.) or programs as they want in term 3 for half price!


Who Can Apply


Absolutely anybody can apply. Whether you are a beginning youngster or a senior budding professional, if you are committed and dedicated to training at the highest level you’ve ever trained, and are willing to be held accountable, then this is for you!


Application Process


We are only looking for those that are super serious about getting the most out of this scholarship and the training it provides. 


Applicants will need to complete an online questionnaire that should detail why they feel they should be selected. The link to the form can be found at the bottom of this page. Don’t worry, all information will be kept confidential and only accessible by Off The Bench Basketball coaches.


Selection Criteria


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The purpose of this scholarship is to support the hungriest and most diligent player, but we do have a few requirements in order to win first prize, being the full scholarship:


  1. Must be able to attend all sessions of the most suitable 8 week program (or 8 weekly training sessions for seniors) excluding emergencies, illness or events outside of the applicants control. Please visit our website “Programs” page to review program times and dates to confirm your schedule availability

  2. Ideally be able to attend either Saturday (AM or midday), or Wednesday (PM) small group or individual training. Note that other arrangements can be made for suitable timing if needed.

  3. Must currently be playing in a club, school or representative team (social league acceptable for seniors) or planning to begin your basketball playing career soon if you're a beginner.

  4. Must complete all questions of the questionnaire with complete honesty and agree to the training and commitment requests


Second & Third Place Prizes of 50% off all training in Term 3 criteria is applicable for points 1, 3 & 4 only.

Please know, while this application is open to anyone and everyone, applicants that are currently or have previously trained with Off The Bench Basketball will have priority over those that haven’t in the case that the two finalists have equally desirable applications.


This, however, does not guarantee suitability or likelihood of success and many other considerations will be made when deciding who the successful applicant will be.


Application Close Date


Applications close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 30th June. No late applications accepted.


Scholarship Award Date & Method


Off The Bench Basketball coaches will review all applications after the close date and the successful applicant will be awarded by Sunday the 4th July via email. A social media post will be made to share the great news as well.


The decision made will be final and to the discretion of Off The Bench Basketball employees and coaches. In the instance that the successful candidate has a situation change and declines or is no longer deemed suitable then the next most suitable applicant will be awarded, and so forth and so forth.


For any questions or to gain further information please contact Matt Horne on the below details:



Phone: 0410 002 049


We Wish You All The Very Best With Your Submissions!